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Chinese studies

The Sinology Department established in 2014 at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Jagiellonian University is a research and education institution educating professionals in language, literature and culture of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China. Members of the Department have wide-ranging research interests which include Chinese language & linguistics, teaching Chinese as a second language, Chinese literature and culture, cultural transmission, Chinese society & sociolinguistics, translation, language for specific purposes, and legal Chinese.

During the 3-year B.A. program students achieve the level of language proficiency allowing fluent intercultural communication, both oral and written. Building a solid foundation of knowledge on the Chinese Language Area contributes greatly to understanding cognitive and perceptual mechanisms of Chinese speakers resulting from the properties of the Chinese writing system and the vocabulary rooted in classical tradition. Language fluency is also a necessary tool for accessing scientific resources, expanding knowledge on China, its people and culture today and in the past.

The undergraduate program includes an intensive course in Chinese language, simplified and traditional writing systems, basics of classical Chinese language, as well as extensive language practice in speaking, writing, reading and translating. Language classes are supplemented by lectures on Chinese culture and history. The broad and rich curriculum also offers courses in general education (linguistics, philosophy) which help students systematize their knowledge in the area of humanities, viewed both from Eurocentric and Sinocentric perspectives.   

In 2017 Sinology Department opened a 2-year graduate program, where students can go on to continue their studies in Chinese language, perfect their translation skills, and deepen their knowledge on various topics concerning China and Chinese language. The curriculum of graduate studies offers two specializations – linguistic studies and literature studies, as well as written and oral translation classes. Students also attend specialized courses offered by the Faculty of Philology and a 2-year English language course.

Current staff members:

  • dr hab. Ewa Zajdler, prof. UJ
  • dr hab. Joanna Grzybek
  • Katarzyna Sarek, PhD
  • Katarzyna Grych, MA
  • Sebastian Wielosz, MA
  • Liu Tzu-Hsiao, MA
  • Chia Wen Liao, MA
  • Chou Pi-chun, MA
  • Xu Min-shu, MA
  • Lin Ih-sien, MA
  • Chen Yen-ju, MA
  • Maria Sztuka (PhD student)
  • Paulina Witek (PhD student)


Main areas of research at our Department include:  

  • Chinese linguistics
  • languages and culture of China and Taiwan
  • Chinese phonetics and phonology
  • teaching Chinese as a foreign language
  • theory and practice of translation
  • legal Chinese
  • modern and classical Chinese literature
  • classical Chinese language
  • psycholinguistics
  • neurolinguistics
  • second language acquisition


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